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Often referred to as a "European style" market, Pastaworks takes its domestic inspiration from Northern California legends Traverso's in Santa Rosa (sadly closed in late 2011) and Lucca's Delicatessen in San Francisco. Our purpose is simple: to provide the best quality products sourced from both the US and abroad.

Pastaworks makes fresh pastas and sauces daily onsite, and also features a vast selection of imported and domestic fine cheeses, speciality groceries from around the region and the world, and a broad selection of Italy and Spain's best wines along with hand picked selections from the Pacific Northwest and France.

Our first store opened in 1983 with a small retail space on Hawthorne Boulevard in Southeast Portland. In 1991, Pastaworks partnered with Newman's Fish Co. to open City Market in Northwest Portland. Each store carries Pastaworks' fresh pastas and sauces, and a carefully chosen array of domestic and imported cheeses, groceries, and wines. Our Hawthorne location features our own produce and meat sections. Chop Charcuterie and Raw Raw Raw Produce, our retail tenants at City Market, offer quality selections of meats and produce respectively to our City Market customers.

Both stores are located in vibrant neighborhoods that are easily accessible via public transportation, bicycle, auto and just plain old walking.

As of September, 2014, the space formerly occupied by Evoe has become home to Nodoguro. Nodoguro offers eclectic multi-course Japanese inspired dining events. To learn more about the change, click here.


Pastaworks has been making fresh pasta in Portland for thirty years. Our pastas are made following traditional methods and recipes. Shaped pastas are made from flour (semolina in most cases) and water and pressed through bronze dies to give them their individual shapes and textures. Flat, sheet pastas are made from durum patent and semolina flours, water and eggs and then sheet rolled and cut into separate sheets. The sheets then can be cut into four distinct widths---tagliarini, linguine, fettuccine or tagliatelle---or left whole to use for lasagne. Sheet rolled pasta is also used to encase fillings for ravioli and tortellini. Additionally, sheet rolled pasta is used for Pastaworks distinct hand-filled ravioli.

Local ingredients (when seasonally available) are used to flavor and/or fill our pastas. Recipes and products rotate seasonally: Chocolate Pasta and Crab Filled Ravioli have become holiday standbys, while Chestnut Pasta signals the the bounty of the basil crop, homage to the classic dishes of the Ligurian coast.